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Website Vision Statement
"The leaders of Pack 730 are committed to providing its members fresh and useful information in a friendly user interface that can be counted on with each and every visit. This site is your one stop shop to stay informed about Pack events, to plan your Den and Pack meetings and to obtain the latest training and Council information."

  • Pack Calendar: The Cubmaster and leaders of the Pack now edit this calendar directly. No longer are stale Excel spreadsheet copies of Pack calendars floating around. What you see is the latest and greatest calendar information.

  • Useful Links: As a member of Pack 730 you may be interested in finding useful information to help plan family, Den or Pack outings. You may be interested in what is happing with Saddle Ranch or in the Metro District area. These links should provide to be a very useful planning resource. Program Helps
  • Photo Gallery: This site will contain pictures from Pack events that we can now share with the rest of the Pack.


Upcoming Events

Round-Up Sept 10th - Join Cub Scouts
See the calendar for details on all of our upcoming events