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Website Vision Statement
"Created in 1999 by the families of Saddle Ranch Elementary (back before there was a Stone Mountain Elementary) Pack 730 provides Cub Scouting activities for boys in first to fifth grades.  We focus on family-friendly activities.  We primarily serve Saddle Ranch Elementary and Stone Mountain Elementary schools but accept open enrolment from anyone throughout Highlands Ranch and Douglas County.  Our charter organization is the Saddle Ranch PTIO."

  • PLEASE STOP AND READ THIS - This website is no longer maintained or used for calendar events / pack communications.  If you would like to inquire about joining Pack 730, please contact bsapack730@gmail.com.  
  • Advancement: Please use Cubtrails.com as your viewport to see/edit/monitor your son's advancement, contact your den, and see the calendar.  The Cubtrails website also has links for common things like medical forms and reimbursement forms. 
  • Photo Gallery: This site will contain pictures from Pack events that we can share with the rest of the Pack.
  • Pack Calendar: Pack 730 has migrated ALL calendar activities and postings to Cubtrails.  you can find this at http://www.cubtrails.com.  Please follow the instructions below to link up the Cubtrails calendar to your own personal calendar.
  • iPad/iPhone:


    • Sign-on to Google Calendar at http://calendar.google.com using the credentials you use on your Android phone or tablet
    • On the lower left, click the down-arrow next to "Other calendars"
    • Select "Add by URL" from the menu
    • In the "Add by URL" window, add the following:  https://www.cubtrails.com/cubtrail/calendar/ical/20173/7bcaf/calendar.ics
    • Click the "Add Calendar" button. The calendar will appear in the Other Calendars section of the calendar list to the left
    • Within a few minutes you should also see the CubTrails calendar on your mobile device


    • Open CubTrails and select "Calendar" from the top menu
    • On the Calendar menu select "Export Calendar" then "Sync Calendar - Webcal"
    • Your browser should then ask to launch Outlook, follow the directions for your version of Outlook


    • There are lots of other varieties of phones and email clients.  You can search for your specific type and "sync webcal ics" to find directions.